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Choosing a Well Qualified Provider for Funeral Home and Cremations in Carlisle, PA


Hoffman Funeral Home and Crematory is a funeral home and cremations in Carlisle, PA. Since 1919, the Hoffman family has cared for Central PA families with compassion and commitment to excellence. From casket finishing in the early 20th century to building a new facility in 2015 to accommodate the wide range of modern needs, we focus all of our energy on serving you. When you work with us we will make sure that your loved one will be in safe hands all the time and will receive a top-notch quality of funeral service and cremations in Carlisle, PA. To avail of our funeral home and cremations services makes sure to call us at (717) 243-4511  or you may visit as at 2020 W Trindle Rd, Carlisle, PA 17013.



If you are considering retaining a provider for funeral home and cremations in Carlisle, PA, look no further than Hoffman Funeral Home and Crematory. Whether the need is immediate, upcoming due to a terminal condition, or far in the future, we can help you through all of your needs.


We have more than a century of history in our community as a third-generation family-owned and operated business. We take great pride in offering the best service to our clients and their families. We passionately believe we are in a people business. We commit to treating you and your loved ones with the utmost respect and care.


We continue to grow our facility and offerings to expand our available line of services to ease the stress our customers may be feeling when they need our services. As a full-service funeral home, we can handle everything you need through one location.


This simplifies things for the families and friends we serve. Less coordination with other businesses and services on your end means you have more availability to keep your focus right where it needs to be. We offer modern and traditional options and everything in between.


We work diligently for you and have come to be seen as the funeral home that is compassionate, experienced, and deeply trusted. Thousands of satisfied customers over the years continue to recommend us to their friends and neighbors when the need arises.


Choosing Between Funeral Home and Cremations in Carlisle, PA


Funeral Home And Cremations In Carlisle, PA

We are well-acquainted with the questions people tend to have surrounding the choices available regarding funeral services and cremation services. There are many options, and we can help you understand the facts!


There is quite a bit of variation in how these services might be combined as well. For example, a viewing and funeral with an embalmed body might be present in a rented casket with cremation scheduled thereafter. Please ask us about what you are envisioning, and we will find ways to support your desires and unique needs.


Choosing Your Own Services: Pre-Planning


Some think it’s disconcerting to talk about your own needs for a funeral or cremation, but we like to think of this option as savvy forward thinking! Though we may not always want to think about it, this time will come for all of us. Taking even a little time now can create peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


Like a necessary last will and testament or life insurance policy, pre-planning is one more way to set your affairs in order. You don’t need to be of advanced age or have a terminal illness to open this conversation. Our easy-to-use online pre-plan form is a simple way to get things started.


Did you know that prepayment of services is also an option? It is, and it's a smart one at that! Inflation-driven price increases are almost guaranteed to happen before this need arises. Lock in the price point for the services you wish to utilize. We will be here to take care of your final wishes when that time arrives.


Create a gracious gift to your remaining loved ones by considering pre-planning your own services. Take a little time to consider your desires around funeral home and cremations in Carlisle, PA, and get that information recorded with us. Ease the stress of your family’s decision-making and financial strain in a future time of grief and pain.


Choosing Technological Options to Expand the Ceremony


Technology has indeed made the world a little smaller! Your deceased may have people who are unavailable to gather for several reasons. What a gift that there are lovely ways to connect those who are far away physically or unable to attend in-person through access to the internet.


We can support the connections needed to create webcasting services for digital viewing or recordings for archival purposes. We also offer our obituary pages and tribute walls to our clients as a place of connection for loved ones to support one another.


Choosing Quality Aftercare


Funeral Home And Cremations Carlisle, PA

Our Aftercare program is filled with resources to help the family and close friends navigate this painful transition to living life after the passing of a loved one. We know in our own way that your life will never be the same. We offer support with educational resources for children and adults, daily emails and newsletter options, connections to local professionals, and globally available digital resources. This archive is rich with information and respite for the heavy-hearted.


There are also resources dedicated to helping others who are bereaved. This makes an easy share if someone asks what they can do to help you. With compassion and tenderness, we have carefully collected many valuable resources to help you find your way forward as you are ready.


Choosing to Connect With Us


If funeral home and cremations in Carlisle, PA, is a need you have immediately or for pre-planning needs, reach out to us. We are ready to assist you at any stage of the process. We are centrally located at Hoffman Funeral Home and Crematory: 2020 W Trindle Rd, Carlisle, PA 17013. Call for a free consult or quote: (717) 243-4511.


Funeral & Cremation

What does funeral service include?

A traditional funeral service includes a viewing or visitation, a funeral ceremony, and burial at the gravesite. A funeral service follows the viewing/visitation and is held at a funeral home, church, or other event space. Traditional funerals usually include elements such as prayers, eulogies, readings, and music. Learn More.


What is a celebration of life funeral?

A celebration of life service is an opportunity for family and friends to pay tribute to a loved one while saying goodbye in a uniquely personal way. By holding a celebration of life after the remains have been cared for, you can ensure you plan an event that reflects the life your loved one lived. Learn More.


Does the VA pay for veterans’ cremation?

The VA provides burial benefits to eligible veterans to help cover the expense of cremation or a funeral. The VA does not pay the money directly to any provider; the benefit is provided as a reimbursement. Learn More.


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