Our Aftercare Program

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What you can do for a bereaved friend

When death touches the family of someone we love, we often ask the question, Is there anything I can do? We mean it sincerely, but sometimes we simply don't know what to do; and the person we want to help may be hesitant to ask for anything specific or may simply not be able to identify the help they need. 

This information is designed to give you practical suggestions which will enable you to be of significant help to your bereaved friend. 

 Practical Helps

Remember, people often find it difficult to ask for help. It is vitally important to volunteer. Following are a number of suggestions. Choose only the tasks you know you can do or that are appropriate to your relationship. During the first few days or at funeral time... 

As the Weeks Go By...


Emotional Help

While many of our "practical" suggestions may help your friend emotionally, you may often wish you knew what to say to help. We would all like to "fix it" to wave a magic wand and change the reality that the person died and that our friend is hurting. Since that's not possible, what do we say? How can we help?

 During the first few days or at funeral time...


As the Weeks Go By...

These ideas are certainly not all of the possible ways you can help. You can probably think of many more. One of the most important keys to being helpful is being willing to take the time to be there and to listen. Remember that we cannot take away someone's hurt. We can only share that hurt and thereby give them hope the hope that someone else cares ... the hope that life can be meaningful ... and the hope that they will feel better in time.

 Helping Your Own Family

There is something very special you can do to help your own family. This is to plan the details of your own funeral and related arrangements. Doing this does three important things.

  1.  It relieves your family of the burdensome decisions that must be made - thus giving them time to deal with their own grief and feelings.
  2. If you choose to pay in advance for your funeral, you would be paying future costs at today’s prices. Thereby, saving your family money.
  3. And finally, it guarantees that you will receive the kind of funeral you wish.